Thursday, August 18, 2005

Fung Wah fun

Yes, that's Fung Wah, rather charred. Everyone made it out.

In March, it was a Travel Pack bus that caught on fire on the Mass Pike, during the middle of the night. Everyone escaped before the bus was totally engulfed; the circumstances surrounding the fire are still open to debate, with very conflicting accounts from only a handful of people.

This week, it was Fung Wah's turn. On Tuesday, one of their busses caught on fire on I-91 (near Wes, actually..), and again everyone escaped without serious injury. Here's the Boston Globe report. As with the previous fire, the reports of different passengers and of the company are highly conflicting, if not outright silly.

There are follow-up articles about how when the passengers finally arrived in NYC, Fung Wah tried to hide from them, and refused to give them insurance information. Eventually the NYPD had to run the licence plate from the bus to get the info.

One final thought: one of the news accounts mentioned that laptop computers were left in the bus. So often in plane crashes, people try to take their stuff with them. Point is, if this time people didn't even grab their computers, they must have been in quite a hurry. Yikes.


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