Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama hesitant on undoing Bush's detention and torture policies

The Obama Administration is keeping me worried about their detention and torture policies. They're trumpeting their executive orders to close Guantanamo and to use the Army Field Manual as a rule for interrogations conducted by the CIA. These are good things. But they're leaving themselves a lot of room: leaving open the possibility that they could allow techniques beyond the Army Field Manual in the future, that they might use rendition in the future and even that they might re-open the military commissions.

The top papers did some work explaining this important stuff, but in each case the headlines didn't mention it, instead trumpeting the administration's line:

  • LAT: Obama overturns Bush tactics in war on terrorism
  • Post: Obama Reverses Bush Policies On Detention and Interrogation
  • NYT: Obama Reverses Key Bush Security Policies

    For a good run-down on all of the loop-holes that the Administration is leaving, see Josh Gerstein's "Why the Gitmo policies may not change" in Politico.


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