Sunday, March 01, 2009

Big changes in NYC

Giant swaths of Broadway in Midtown Manhattan will be converted to pedestrian plazas in a plan unveiled by NYC DOT on Thursday. Streetsblog calls it "arguably, the boldest and most transformative street reclamation project since Portland, Oregon decided to tear down Harbor Drive in 1974."

In Times Square, which currently features 7th ave and Broadway, there will be just a 4-lane 7th ave. In Herald Square, there will be no through downtown avenue, with the space in front of Macy's becoming a plaza. There will be plazas and a bike lane all the way from Columbus Circle to Union Square.

Here's the beofre-and-after art for Times Square:


At 6:02 PM, Blogger JesH said...

I saw that in the paper and I thought about you immediately and the time we went to Six Flags, and how you were trying to explain to me what they were doing in Times Sq.


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