Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Times Square, two and a half days in

I can't say I've been there, but all the reports so far are pretty positive. Tuesday was the first day with regular weekday traffic, and -- surprise -- the world didn't end.

And, you know, the NYC press is slowly improving on this stuff. William Neuman, the Times' metro transportation writer, for instance, has come a long way. Last summer, when NYC DOT made a protected bike lane and a small esplanade on Broadway between Times Square and Herald Square, he manufactured the notion that it might be dangerous to sit out on the park (600-1000 lb planters/bollards aside). In Wednesday's paper, though, Neuman is content.

The Daily News and Post mostly behaved themselves well enough in Tuesday's editions.

The News' editorial page was a bit skeptical (I don't know the backstory on the stats they get into) but at least they didn't go into panic mode.

It's a start.


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