Monday, November 16, 2009

BPA in the News

The FDA is slated to release a new report on BPA safety at some point in the coming weeks, so the matter will probably be back in the news a bit more intensely. The FDA report probably won't say anything that definitive though, and it's not something where anyone knows yet very concretely how bad the harm is.

There was a recent Consumer Reports investigation showing that BPA is in and leaches from many "BPA-free" cans. But what will get the public and lawmakers concerned if we don't know yet how bad the effects are? Perhaps that BPA has now been linked to a new problem. As the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported:
The five-year study examined 634 workers in factories in China, comparing those working in BPA-manufacturing facilities with a control group working in plants where no BPA was made. The study found workers in the BPA facilities had four times the risk of erectile dysfunction, and seven times more risk of ejaculation difficulty.


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