Wednesday, January 20, 2010

About the Gitmo suicides (homicides?) from 2006

Dahlia Lithwick says: "Why aren't we talking about the new accusations of murder at Gitmo?"

I think one small part of the answer is that the top papers are still reluctant to write on something when someone else (in this case Harpers, a few days ago) beat them to the story. They want to first confirm all of it themselves, then come up with their own bit of additional information to add to the story, and then they'll publish something. Problem is, that leaves their readers in the dark.

Byron Calame had a good piece on this in 2007 when he was NYT public editor, "Reporting the News Even When a Competitor Gets There First."

Note: This post has been updated to fix embarrassing spelling errors. (h/t AER).


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