Monday, February 08, 2010

DC is basically still a shit show

For the out of towners, an idea of how life is working here:

The federal government was off today, Monday, and many employers follow their decision. Schools were off today and just about all of them are off Tuesday too. DC city government was the big thing open today. Businesses are open, but sometimes with limited hours, and there are an awful lot of employees who have gone through great lengths to get to work.

The Metro continued to be in very limited service today -- just underground stations, and only every half hour. No word yet on Tuesday. There was very limited bus service today.

If Metro trains and busses aren't widely expanded for Tuesday, it's hard to imagine the federal government or very many employers will be open for Tuesday. No word yet at 6:30pm.

The weather was nice today (and yesterday) and lots of people have shoveled out cars. Others haven't.

CWG earlier forecasted 3-6" for the next storm, but then upped to 5-10". NWS declares 10-20".


At 9:26 PM, Blogger birksandboots said...

This is embarrassing! Get your snow act together!


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