Tuesday, March 09, 2010

In Which Joe Lieberman Invokes Prince

Today a group of Senators met with Obama on climate change. While the House passed a not-totally-terrible bill in June, nothing has been going in the senate. Kerry/Graham/Lieberman ("KGL" as they're saying) are working on trying to get something going (yes, Graham and Lieberman are being not totally evil), but having trouble getting that many of the 'moderate' Senators on board for any comprehensive bill at all.

Anyway, Reuters has this write-up on the meeting. But what they don't include is the full quote from Lieberman. E&E News PM has it (subscription required):
Lieberman also downplayed the use of the term "cap and trade" when it comes to limiting emissions, even though that is generally the plan with their bill. "We don't use that term anymore," he said. "We'll have pollution reduction targets. Remember the Artist Previously Known as Prince?"


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