Saturday, May 08, 2010

Michael Gerson, do tell us about your expertise on the news business

Actual pull-quote from Friday's Washington Post op-ed page:
The iPad's breathtaking technology overtook my love of books on paper. Could it also help ensure good journalism's survival?
That's from Michael Gerson, a former GWBush speech-writer with a regular gig on the Post op-ed page (and now there are two of them there!).

Here's Gerson's logic on the matter:
The very elegance of this technology might help to solve a serious challenge for the post-page and post-print information industry. I won't pay a monthly fee for a newspaper subscription on my Kindle because the interface is awkward, the experience flat and pale. I would be willing to pay a monthly fee for access to a great newspaper (like the one you are reading) on the vivid, touchable, multimedia iPad.
Yes, sir, but have you checked if the advertisers are willing to pay the same amount for the ads you read on your ipad as the ads you read in print?

Minor issue there for the business model. If you figure that one out, Mike, then let us know.


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