Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pentagon to Gitmo journos: write a letter saying WHY you're sorry

The Pentagon's press office is even more insecure with the world than I had realized.

The other month they kicked out four reporters from covering proceedings at Gitmo, for basically bullshit reasons (printing the name of a former interrogator who had once testified anonymously, though he had also identified himself publicly).

Anyway the NYT is just up with a new piece on the issue, and there's a funny wrinkle:
The Pentagon has lifted the ban for Ms. Rosenberg, Ms. Shephard and Mr. Edwards. But as a condition of their return, they were required by Mr. Whitman to write letters saying they understood why they were banned. Mr. Koring refused and remains unable to return to Guantánamo.
Memo to DOD: as you surely know, these are some of the top reporters covering you. Not 2nd graders. Please.


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