Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Those NJ environmentalist House Republicans

Interesting point from Politico this morning, looking at which House members voted for an amendment in the continuing resolution strengthening the CR's language blocking regulation of greenhouses gases (sorry, sorry -- I'll try to return to English in my next post.) Turns out, sure enough, four of the GOP members who had courageously voted in favor of the Waxman-Markey climate bill in 2009 in fact voted a few days ago to go symbolically hard-core blocking EPA from taking action on climate change. From Politico:
In the end, Henry Waxman and co. weren’t able to dodge a CR vote on language blocking EPA from regulating greenhouse gases. While Democrats kept their language-stripping amendments holstered, the Texas Trio of Ted Poe, Joe Barton and John Carter forced a vote on an amendment to marginally strengthen the existing EPA-blocking provision in the seven-month spending bill. The final vote broke down largely along party lines, 249-177, with 13 Ds and a pair of Rs breaking with their parties.


Reichert was the only Republican to vote for Waxman-Markey and against Poe. Four of the other seven Republicans who backed the cap-and-trade bill voted for Poe: New Jersey’s Leonard Lance, Frank LoBiondo and Chris Smith, and California’s Mary Bono Mack. The remaining three GOP ‘Ayes’ on cap and trade are no longer in the House. (Castle, Kirk and McHugh)
And of course the vote on the whole CR itself, Saturday morning, which includes blocking EPA action on greenhouse gases, was a party-line affair.

If they really wanted to vote for the whole thing, they could have at least first voted against Poe. But they didn't.


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