Saturday, March 12, 2011

David Broder post

He was awful.

And in this case, probably a good majority of the tributes you've seen in the last few days are not just people saying nice things about him because he's dead, but because they actually believe it. Sort of makes it even worse.

If you're in the center-right (varying on the issue and the time), he may be your man. But there is little good in what he did and what he stood for.

Here FAIR looks back across some of Broder's history, including his truly prescient column after Katrina:
We cannot yet calculate the political fallout from Hurricane Katrina and its devastating human and economic consequences, but one thing seems certain: It makes the previous signs of political weakness for Bush, measured in record-low job approval ratings, instantly irrelevant and opens new opportunities for him to regain his standing with the public.
Broder was a defender of the Bush Administration, including its torture policies. He only turned against them once it was safe to do so (Greenwald).

There is a real thing that's centrism; Broder was worse than even that.


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