Monday, August 29, 2011

Nine Weeks Later, NY Times Corrects Eat'n Park Error

I wrote in June about how a NYT food section article about hometown snacks provided in DC congressional offices incorrectly said that Eat'n Park's headquarters in Homestead, PA, were within the district of Jason Altmire. Homestead is actually in Mike Doyle's district, I pointed out. The article was by Jennifer Steinhauer.

The Times was informed of the error the day the article ran, but the paper did nothing. Only after the office of the Public Editor became involved in the matter did the Times do anything. The correction ran earlier this month, on August 10th, nine weeks after the error:
An article on June 8 about local foods that members of Congress give out in their Washington offices misidentified the Congressional district that includes Homestead, Pa., the home of Eat ’n Park, which makes a cookie given out by Representative Jason Altmire of Pennsylvania. It is the 10th District, not the 4th, Mr. Altmire’s district. A reader pointed out the error in an e-mail the day the article was published and again on July 20. This correction was delayed because the e-mail went astray at The Times.


At 11:27 PM, Blogger Devon said...

Ohmygod. That woman just needed to rip the bandaid off. I will sometimes take a day to fess up to an error, and even then i feel awful about not saying something sooner.

At 10:10 PM, Blogger mjr said...

I want you all to know that the name Eat'n Park makes absolutely no sense. When biking or driving to the Eat'n Park facility, one must park, then eat. If taking public transport or walking(which I assume to be impossible for most customers) one may eat without parking. Also, their cookies were stale the only time I ate them. But they might have been sitting in my (non-Congressional) office for a few days.


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