Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WashPost Misleads On Own Poll Showing More Support Occupy Wall Street Than Oppose It

Peter Hart touches on this point but I wanted to expand on it. From the Washington Post's hit piece on Wednesday's front page about the Occupy movement:
In the wake of so much controversy, the Occupy movement — which began as a populist uprising to represent all but the wealthiest 1 percent — has begun to lose some of its mainstream support. A Washington Post poll early this month showed that only 18 percent of responders “strongly supported” the Occupy Wall Street movement.
There you have it: only 18 percent!

But wait, what exactly did the Post's poll from earlier this month actually find? It found this:

In other words, slightly more respondents "supported" the Occupy movement than "opposed" it. Of course, that didn't fit the Post's thesis, so...


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