Friday, January 06, 2012

Discussion of "The Obamas" begins

Huffington Post seems to have gotten an advance on some parts of Jodi Kantor's new "The Obamas" book. And it's very interesting, about conflict between Michelle Obama and Rahm Emanuel.

Of course, these books should always be taken with a grain of salt, no matter who writes them (I don't have an idea of Kantor's history and how it compares to some of the others who do these things, like Suskind or Woodward). You can tell pretty clearly in that article that these are the claims of Michelle Obama's camp, and of Rahm Emanuel's camp. So it's not one clear factual story out of here, but effectively a series of accusations, which is very different but still extremely important.

Reading the HuffPost piece made me think how little information has emerged about Michelle Obama's role in the White House. Kind of important. And, if Kantor's right -- and it does make sense -- a rather important positive force.


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