Thursday, March 22, 2012

One hundred congressional Dems challenge administration's horrific Honduras policy

See this update from Mark Weisbrot. Congressional Democrats don't criticize the administration on that much, but they've been doing it on Honduras policy this month, though it hasn't gotten much attention. There were actually 94 House Dems on the Schakowsky letter I mentioned the other day, and 6 Senate Dems sent a related letter to the administration.

The Senators were: Barbara Mikulski, Ben Cardin, Patrick Leahy, Daniel Akaka, Sherrod Brown and Tom Udall.

A somewhat random sounding combination, though there could be various reasons. Mikulski and Cardin have a Honduran population in their state. Cardin and Udall are on Foreign Relations; Mikulski and Brown are on Appropriations' sub-committee on State Dept and Foreign Ops, of which Leahy is Chair. Menendez, Chair of Foreign Relations' sub-committee covering Latin America, took a pass.


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