Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Another day, another pointless Washington Post headline

Tell us something we don't already know, Washington Post. Lede with your big news, something we won't find elsewhere. I mean, there are 200,000 people still without power (that info is easy to find) and we've got a few deaths so far. Give us something that's useful to know for the readers who are off the grid and need information. Come on. Give it your best. Ok let's see, here's Tuesday's A1:

That is not news. It is stuff you could write in advance. In the article we also learn things like:
Across the region, utility crews worked through the night to repair damage.
Stop the presses.

The Post's coverage of the storm and its aftermath have been lackluster. Yeah, I'm sure a lot of people worked very long hours over the weekend to get the coverage they have. But there's just not all that much there there. It's slow and it's boring and unimaginative. The Post is the main daily here and it should be leading the pack, telling us things we would not have thought of. Instead, too much of the Post's coverage has been simply compiling information from various officials.


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