Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Big progress: new language from Ethan Bronner on voter fraud

The big Pennsylvania court decision on voter ID is out today, and Ethan Bronner's current version of the story, high on the NYT homepage, has good language on the reality of voter fraud:
In opinion surveys, substantial majorities of Americans back the voter ID requirements despite the fact that repeated efforts to demonstrate the existence of in-person voter fraud have shown there to be very little of it.
The second part of that sentence is pretty clear, as it should be. This is a welcome change for Bronner, and bears noting. Good work, team.

The first part of the sentence, about what Americans think, is also correct, as sad as it is. The link there actually goes to a survey of PA voters, 62% of whom support the voter ID law. What about in the U.S. as a whole? A nationwide NYT poll published on September 14 showed that 70% supported requiring photo ID for voters (see page 27).

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