Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Ezra Klein as WH speaker

I'm not saying Ezra Klein is always right or always wrong. Or that his contrarian thing today ("Calm down, liberals. The White House won.") is necessarily 100% wrong. My hunch is to think it's significantly wrong but not totally so, but honestly I'm not following this all that much.

But it does strike me that he's taken this "here's the White House's argument" role quite comfortably at this point, time and time again. It can be presented with all sorts of favorable or unfavorable comment. But it bears noting that the White House seems really into giving him their notions of why they're not horrible sellouts, and he is the communicator of them, often but not always positively.

Why can't the White House plead their case themselves? Because, among other reasons, getting someone with a "left" background gives it credibility for the left. That's how messengers work. But I'm skeptical how much left cred Ezra has left.


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