Friday, May 26, 2006

in the abyss

Where do we live? No one's quite sure what to call it. South Slope? No no. You can't just keep applying a neighborhood name as far as you want. The Prospect Expressway provides a convenient divider line, and we're south of it (South Slope would be something like 12th-16th street, in my book). But calling our area Sunset Park? That doesn't work either. The park itself is at about 40th, and the neighborhood extends around and south of it.

That leaves us with Greenwood Heights, a name that's not overly common but can be found on some maps. Joanna found a NY Post article that seems to have dug up the history:

Taking claim for the Greenwood Heights name, Fillmore Real Estate vice president Sal Cappi says he coined the moniker back in 1988, when a new development of six townhouses was being built.

"We were trying to come up with a marketing edge for what was this no-man's-land. Something with pizzazz. It still took a couple of years for it to stick."

They say that "Greenwood Heights' boundaries are debatable, but the consensus is the area goes from 18th Street to 30th Street, between Fourth Avenue and Prospect Park West." so it's settled. bada bing, bada bam, bada boom.


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