Sunday, March 08, 2009

LAT: Murder, shmurder!

A popular tic of American editorial pages is to support the U.S.-Colombia free trade pact. Sometimes over and over again. And sometimes they just won't let facts get in their way.

One key issues is the murder of unionists in Colombia. The numbers are indeed down from where they were years ago, but they're still extremely high, perhaps higher than anywhere else in the world. Yet here was the LAT on Wednesday:

"The government responded by protecting organizers and prosecuting their attackers. Activists should declare victory and move on."

has a nice takedown of the whole thing.

I'd note that it's actually true, technically speaking, that the Colombian government has prosecuted individuals who attacked unionists.. in a tiny, tiny number of cases, that is!

The good news, in all of this, is that while most American editorial pages (even the NYT) are willing to bargain away these human lives for a trade deal, Congressional democrats are, impressively, not -- they've held firm against the pact.


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