Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pledge your loyalty!

The latest from Organizing for America, the Obama campaign's we're-for-whatever-our-President-is-for outfit: Sign the "pledge" of support.

At least there's something they have you pledging for that's beyond just allegiance:
* Energy — Transforming America's economy to run on clean and renewable energy in order to create new American jobs and industries
* Health care — Comprehensively reforming health care so that families, businesses, and government are relieved from the crushing costs that impede economic growth and prosperity
* Education — Reforming and investing in America's education system so that citizens are prepared to compete in a global economy

But that makes it no less sick in my book. The problem is that Obama's agenda on each of these three topics is mediocre; we should be critiquing it constantly, not signing on just because the broad goals sound nice and all.


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