Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh, Eric Cantor

Ok, this is just getting weird: Glenn Thrush of Politico reports today that the DCCC is criticizing Eric Cantor for supporting rail improvements between DC and Richmond, when Cantor was one of the ones who was on the mythical "don't fund the maglev to Disneyland!" bandwagon (a conspiracy theory that Harry Reid had secretly inserted funding in the stimulus bill for a maglev train from Las Vegas to Disneyland. In reality, part of the $8 billion in stimulus funds for high speed rail could go toward a Vegas-LA line, though it's not that likely, since it's not one of the corridors the rail administration has designed as a priority).

Politico reports:
Cantor spokesman Brad Dayspring said the key difference between the Vegas-LA line and the Richmond-DC plan is that the latter has long been included on the DOT's list of "planned corridor" projects and the Harry-Reid-backed Vegas project isn't.]]

So Cantor gets that the Vegas line was not on the existing list of most likely projects? But he thinks that Reid was secretly putting in separate funding specifically for a Vegas line?

Maybe making sense of Eric Cantor is one of those things that's just not worth it. Unfortunately Glenn Thrush didn't get the nonsensicalness of it all.


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