Thursday, May 28, 2009

Politico confuses Democracy Now with Air America

Politico's Lisa Lerer had a story up Wednesday afternoon about criticism of Sotomayor from the left. That's good.

She writes:
"She is a mixed bag. I would not call her a left liberal," Marjorie Cohn, president of the progressive National Lawyers Guild, said in an interview on Air America.

"I'm thrilled that there will be the first Latina on the Supreme Court and that there will be another woman. But I really would have liked to have seen a real progressive counterweight to radical rightists on the court."

But the quoted passages were not from Air America; they were from Wednesday morning's Democracy Now! While there may be some individual stations that air both DN and Air America content, the two are completely separate; DN is not Air America programming.

In fact, confusing the two is pretty absurd. One is progressive. The other has a star morning host who, let's see, just yesterday advocated bombing Tehran.


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