Tuesday, October 06, 2009

In which I link to George Will, favorably

Barack and Michelle Obama's speeches at the IOC were pretty weird. Is that really the best strategy -- to talk about how much you love sports and how the Olympics were important to you as a kid, etc? George Will has a good column capturing how silly the whole thing was, and also rightly catches some ridiculousness from Obama's speech at the U.N. the other week.

Update: let me add that the NYTimes editorial page totally missed the boat on this one. They published an editorial on Saturday criticizing Obama for going to Copenhagen. Well, say whatever you want on Obama making the trip, the NYT is doing Monday morning quarterbacking here. If they wanted to weigh in on Obama going, they should have done it back a month ago, before the trip was decided, or at least before the winning city was picked. The way they did it, waiting till after the decision, is just cheating.


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