Monday, December 21, 2009

City Paper Identifies Detective at Snowball Fight

City Paper's Jason Cherkis has just confirmed from two MPD officials the name of the plainclothes/or/off-duty officer who held his gun: Detective Mike Baylor.

Previously, multiple comments on news sites and blogs had suggested the officer was an Elmer Baylor, and DCist used that name once. Not correct, apparently.

Update: In Tuesday's Post, Metro columnist Petula Dvorak reports that the wrong guy, sure enough, was soon targeted:
"This has been awful for me. I've been getting calls all day. Mean calls. And my family has been getting them, too," said Detective Elmer "Buddy" Baylor, who works in the bank robbery division and was not at the snowball scene that day, though he has been harassed by callers who are yelling at the wrong Baylor.


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