Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oops. WashPost taked down a blog entry. Revises. Reposts.

Erik Wemple caught the Post taking down a blog post they had. It was by education writer Bill Turque, who's been leading the reporting on the Rhee stuff in the last week (and generally). The text of Turque's original post is at the bottom of Wemple's piece. Turque wrote about how Team Rhee had stonewalled him, but gave their side of the story late Monday to one local tv reporter and the Post edit board. He wrote about how the edit board is tight with Rhee, and that it's not surprising they took that strategy. And that the whole episode is an example of how the editorial and news side of the paper is separate.

It was explaining things, but also stating some truths that are uncomfortable for the editorial board. The post was a bit edgy-- it said that the editorial board's "support for the chancellor has been steadfast, protective and, at times, adoring." And he said that with the Post edit board, DCPS "has a guaranteed soft landing spot for uncomfortable or inconvenient disclosures--kind of a print version of the Larry King Show."

A new, revised post was put up later Wednesday evening. Most of it is the same, but those quotes I mentioned and a few others were taken out.


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