Tuesday, February 16, 2010

NYTimes notes Wesleyan chalking ban again

I missed this. But last week, in one of their many follow-ups on the fatal power plant construction explosion in Middletown, CT, the NYTimes managed to mention the chalking ban. The article, "Connecticut Town Chafes at Return to the Spotlight," begins:
MIDDLETOWN, Conn. — There was the college-wide ban on students' sidewalk scribblings, which set off a First Amendment debate at one of the country’s more progressive campuses. There was the faculty-led seminar, “Pornography: Writing of Prostitutes,” which raised questions over the role of sex in undergraduate curriculums.
Here's the NYT's Nov 2002 Metro-front article on chalking at Wesleyan, and their May 2003 follow-up on the ban.


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