Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Emu Un-Stopped by Taser is Killed By California Highway Patrol; Sixth Emu-Taser Incident in Two Years

California Highway Patrol officers attempted to subdue a wayward emu Tuesday using a Taser, but shot and killed the bird after the electric shocks failed to stop it.

According to a report from Sacramento's ABC affiliate:

After more than an hour of monitoring and fearing the emu was going to enter the freeway from the onramp and endanger motorists, Dutton said a supervisor granted the officers permission to Taser the bird into submission. However, the emu's thick layer of feathers left the bird feeling little to no effect from the Tasers despite three separate jolts, Dutton said.

As the bird continued to run quickly toward Airport Boulevard and having run out of viable options, Dutton said the bird was "dispatched" by officers with supervisor approval. The body was turned over to Sacramento County Animal Control.

The Sacramento Bee has more.

By my count, this is at least the sixth emu tasering incident in the United States in two years.

(Mississippi, September 2009), (Washington, September 2008) (Pennsylvania, Sept 2008) (Florida, August 2008) (New Hampshire, May 2008)


At 4:41 PM, Blogger ertzeid said...

See Poland is hardcore. They have an escaped moose (what's that, three times the size of an emu?) and they try to herd it by hand:

see #14 (The rest are also awesome)


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