Thursday, July 22, 2010

As climate bills dies (for real), Romm officially sours on Obama

Ouch: "The failed presidency of Barack Obama, Part 1"

That's just up from Joe Romm, one of the most-read climate bloggers. Romm had long been something of an optimist, at times a cheerleader for the administration, saying that Obama really gets it on climate (while criticizing Rahm). But now Romm's got little positive to say for Obama.
I’m quite sure it is going to be a great puzzle to future historians in the hothouse, who will not at all be interested in the story of healthcare reform or financial services reform or the deficit or the war in Afghanistan or all those other issues that Obama and his team think will determine his legacy.
Is that how it will be? The answer shouldn't matter, but I'm curious about it. I feel moderately confident that by a few decades from now, history will start looking not-too-positively on American (and world) leaders on climate inaction. But will it come to be their defining legacy? Who knows. Also, to what extent will a "we all failed" excuse work? I mean, to this day, there are some reporters who not only say "we all failed" when it came to Iraq and weapons, but likely actually believe it.

Anyhow, I'm interested in what the big environmental groups will do now. Not only do we not have a climate bill, but we will soon likely see a further demoralized grassroots and frustrated funder base. Will some of the bigger groups move to more radical strategies? What would that look like?


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