Thursday, July 29, 2010

Celebs duped into appearing in oil industry ad

A group of celebrities are appearing in a TV advertisement that appears to be for 'cleanup' of the gulf oil spill, but is actually by a front organization for oil companies. It was reported yesterday by Kevin Grandia on Huffington Post.

The front group is "America's Wetlands Foundation" and the ad is actually for trying to get the federal government -- and not BP -- to pay for restoration.

The celebs in the ad include Lenny Kravitz, John Goodman, Peyton Manning, Emeril Lagassi and Wendell Pierce. Sandra Bullock is in the ad, and today she renounced it.

I'm with Grandia on this:
I don't blame Lively, Bullock, Kravtiz and the rest of them for appearing in the video, on the surface this "be the one" campaign looks harmless enough.

But appearing harmless is the whole point of this campaign and now that it has been exposed as an oil company PR campaign I know they will do the right thing and repudiate their involvement.


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