Thursday, October 21, 2010

DCist Picks Up Story on Stewart / Colbert Rallies Not Having Enough Porta Potties. Too Bad It's Not True

Update 10/22: DCist has a new post correcting the record.

Yesterday I wrote about how the NYT's story on porta potties and the Stewart rally had no news ("The NYT's Bullshit Story on Porta Potties and the Jon Stewart Rally (Or: In Defense of Bill Line, the Ornery NPS Spokesman)")

There wasn't actual evidence of the Stewart/Colbert rallies not being able to get porta potties, and the Times didn't claim there was. No news.

Ryan Kearney of, who confirmed yesterday from Comedy Central that the porta potties are indeed under control, today points out newer problems: yesterday WTOP ran a story that appears to have been based largely on the old NYT story, and then DCist picked it up ("Stewart/Colbert Rally Has A Potty Problem"). Oy. I think the term here is Hamster Wheel.

In related news, last night Larry King gave Jon Stewart the gift of a porta potty (Stewart added that "we have a ton of them.")


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