Sunday, February 12, 2012

Two years ago today, NPR declared macaron the new cupcake. Discuss.

Two years ago today, All Things Considered declared it once and for all: the cupcake is being replaced by the macaron as the treat of choice. "Move Over, Cupcake: Make Way For The Macaroon" was the headline on the website. (NPR went with the macaroon spelling, which, whatever you think of it, makes things more complicated. Better to spell macaron. For a primer on the difference between macaroon and macaron, see here.)

So where do we stand? In DC, there are certainly macaron to be found, but it's not exactly a topic of constant conversation. Or the subject of a major TV show. I'm skeptical of how many people in the country actually eat them that often.

Do people eat macaron where you live? And/or, do they still eat cupcakes?


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