Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Marriage and class

This is a bit over my head, but regarding Jason DeParle's front pager on Sunday about marriage and class, Shawn Fremstad at CEPR responds that actually "family structure is overrated as an explanation of inequality."


At 11:24 PM, Blogger Bad Decision Maker said...

Yeah, just heard the FAIR radio show on this (with the guy that wrote the cepr article as a guest).

Yes marriage- and even if people aren't married, coupledom - confers tons of economic privileges. But as they point out it's total BS to use this lens to focus on the main reason (probelmatic on so many levels - subtle individual-blaming, couple-centered, hetero centered). Why are both of them working full time and not making a living wage? The problem is mostly that they are underpaid (and that women are paid less than men on average, and "women's work" jobs are undervalued).


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