Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Laura Maggi in Tuesday's Times-Picayune:
The most recent arrest occurred on July 25, when Zeitoun allegedly struck Kathy Zeitoun with his fists and a tire iron and attempted to choke her outside a lawyer's office near the intersection of Jackson Avenue and Prytania Street. Zeitoun was on probation for attacking Kathy Zeitoun, his then-wife, in front of their children at one of their Dart Street properties in March 2011. Last summer, he pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of negligent injuring in that assault and was sentenced to anger-management classes
Kathy Zeitoun offered several possible reasons for her husband's changed behavior, including his adoption of a "radical" religious philosophy that she emphasized does not reflect true Muslim beliefs. She also questioned whether his imprisonment could have changed him.

"They took his control away; he took mine and my children's," she said.


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