Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Jon Stewart Embraces Right Wing Myth on McDonalds Coffee Case

It's a shame Jon Stewart has to sully his often good work with the periodic right wing line.

On Wednesday night, in his 2-segment piece on guns, he threw this in: (at 10:20)
People, God forbid, McDonald's doesn't tell you how hot their hot steaming coffee is. That happens, and you're taking the money train to McPunitive Damage Town. But an epidemic of gun violence? "Oh! We can't! Our hands are tied! We can't do anything!"
Haha, get it? We have all sorts of crazy rules on everything, except we can't have rules on guns. So McDonalds can't even serve hot coffee without a warning or they'll be sued by greedy people, cause remember that's what happened, right? Right?

Back in the real world, Stella Liebeck suffered 3rd degree burns from McDonalds coffee. Who could have imagined that would happen when they were serving the coffee 40-50 degrees hotter than other chains were? Perhaps the more than 700 people who had already filed claims against McDonalds for previous injuries, some severe.

If you want to see what the "money train to McPunitive Damage Town" really looked like for Ms. Liebeck, it is (warning) rather graphic.

More on the basics of the McDonalds case here. Also, the documentary.


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