Sunday, March 22, 2009

NYT Does Great Piece on Food Inspections, But Says Wes Students are Children

Michael Moss and Andrew Martin had a great piece in the NYT earlier this month on food safety in the wake of the peanut thing. In "Food Problems Elude Private Inspectors" they show that when a company (like Kellogg) hires a third-party inspector to hire a producer (like Peanut Corporation of America), the inspection is often a farce.

Moss also had a great piece a month earlier on the broader problems of food safety ("Peanut Case Shows Holes in Safety Net").

There's one problem with the new article, though. From paragraph seven:
An examination of the largest food poisoning outbreaks in recent years — in products as varied as spinach, pet food, and a children's snack, Veggie Booty — show that auditors failed to detect problems at plants whose contaminated products later sickened consumers.

What? A children's snack? Is that what you say to all the Wes students?


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