Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Northeast geography quiz! You have one week!

I recently flew from Baltimore to Boston and took the following 12 pictures on the plane. They are not in order. Your task is to identify the pictures (a city, bridge, etc). Write down your list and send it to me in an email. You have one week - the deadline is midnight on Tuesday the 22nd. You're allowed to look at maps or satellite pictures or whatever have you, if you think that will help. At the end, I will announce the winner and give a link to hir blog or website of choice. If you have any question about what it is to be identified in the picture, write me an email. I think most of them are clear; in a few I have given a caption with a specific part of it to identify.

Umm, on the first few photos, you'll probably have to click on them to see them full size because the right side will be behind the right bar. Blogger is weird like that.

Good luck!

Update: To clarify, please email me your answers, rather than posting here.

(1) - Name the two bridges at the bottom right of the photo (order doesn't matter)

(2) - Name the city



(5) - Name the large green area in the lower part, just left of center



(8) - Name the city


(10) - Name the beach (more than one acceptable answer)

(11) - Name the city

(12) - Name the city

Update: here are the winners and the correct answers


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