Monday, February 01, 2010

Breaking at WaPo: The Silverdome is sold!

Monday's Washington Post fronted "Where a $56 million dome couldn't fetch 600 grand; Pontiac ponders whether the sale could kick off a rebound" by Dana Hedgpeth.

It's a decent article telling the story of struggling Pontiac, Michigan (I feel slightly bad reading Michigan-is-dying-porn articles, and there are a lot of them these days, but they're still interesting).

A main theme of the article is the sale of the Silverdome, once the Lions stadium, for $583,000.

But funny thing, the Christian Science Monitor's Mark Guarino had this story back when it happened -- in November.

To its credit, the Post notes, mid-article, that the auction was back on November 16th. But with the sale of the Silverdome as the main theme of the article, you'd expect it was something that happened the other day. And to front something that another national paper already covered at the time? Just seems a bit unimpressive.

(h/t on noting the CSM article back in Nov: @bethsc)


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