Monday, May 17, 2010

Pizza in Northwest

Pete's "New Haven Style Apizza" is coming to upper Northwest, at Wisconsin and Fessenden. At some point.

I passed by last week and found the place getting ready on the outside. Little problem for now: it appears they messed up something in the construction permit; they've got a stop work order. Hmm. Hopefully they didn't do something too terrible. Back in January, they had announced an "early summer" opening.

I've been to the existing location in Columbia Heights once. The slice I had was alright (not something to write home about, though not bad; people say getting a full pie is different) and the spinach salad was excellent (quite large).

Umm, Pete's also gets credit for being nerds, with an extensive thing on their website with the math of 18 inch pizzas and how many 12 inch or whatever pizzas you need to reach the same area.


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