Friday, October 09, 2009

Update on Mississippi emu tasering

So whatever happened to that emu that was tasered in central Mississippi last month? The Scott County Times has an update this week:
FOREST — A runaway emu that was tased and handcuffed late last month has found a new home after only a few days in custody following its capture that brought state and national attention over the Internet.

Police Chief Robert Roncali said Friday that a local resident adopted the emu which police had affectionately nicknamed “George” during his week-long stay at the Scott County-Forest Coliseum.

“He just looked like a ‘George’ to us. We are happy that things worked out for him and everyone involved. It has certainly been an interesting experience,” Roncali said. The identity of the person adopting the animal was not disclosed, but Roncali said that the person lives in Scott County.



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